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◯ Survivors of the Disease is a horror-science fiction canine roleplay, based on Carriers, a movie about a very contagious disease. The roleplay on the site will constantly have new events and plots going on to entertain the members, and to keep this pack active. So mainly the members roleplay as a pack of canines, which doesn’t really have a name.
The sites uses an NPC account to keep the roleplay entertaining, with many adventures for the ones who are part of this ‘pack’. On the site members as well are able to post new ideas for the roleplay, or to make the site look better.
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Plant/Herb Guide

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Plant/Herb Guide

Post by Makenna on Fri Jul 11, 2014 5:44 pm

Red Lotus: A flower that, despite its name, is actually black with a red center. The center is the most valuable part or the lotus though. Once removed, the center can be mashed or chewed into a pulp, and drunk with the sour Devils Thorn liquid.
Works/Availability: A day of rest, it should work. Spring or year round in Conservatory.
Ever Fail?: If you have passed the 4th hour mark, there is nothing we can do.
Location: River

Devils Thorn: A poisonous, thorny vine-like plant that's liquid is used for curing the transforming Carriers.
Works/Availability: Same as Red Lotus. Year round
Ever Fail: Same as Red Lotus
Location: River Bank

Blackberries: A sweet juice filled berry that comes in either black or red. Used for easing pain from minor injuries and as a food source.
Works/Availability: Yes. Usually in spring .
Ever Fail: Cannot take away major injury (I.e. Broken Bones) pain.

Pitcher Plant: Named for its ability to store water in even the driest of places, the Pitcher Plant is very useful to mothers and pups. It is usually dry and barren wherever you are, and pups can't make the 3+ miles to the river.
Uses/Availability: For Drinking and storing water. Summer and Fall
Location: Conservation and River

Reverse Beans: Used to reverse poison. A poisonous bite from a snake, spider or insect can be cured by taking a full dose of this plant. Each flower has 7 beans on them, and a bean each day will have you cured by the end of the week.
Availability: Year round at Conservatory
Symptoms: Head aches and dizziness. Not recommended for Pregnant or Nursing mothers.


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