Survivors of the Disease
◯ Survivors of the Disease is a horror-science fiction canine roleplay, based on Carriers, a movie about a very contagious disease. The roleplay on the site will constantly have new events and plots going on to entertain the members, and to keep this pack active. So mainly the members roleplay as a pack of canines, which doesn’t really have a name.
The sites uses an NPC account to keep the roleplay entertaining, with many adventures for the ones who are part of this ‘pack’. On the site members as well are able to post new ideas for the roleplay, or to make the site look better.
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Pups And Aging Guide

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Pups And Aging Guide

Post by Makenna on Fri Jul 11, 2014 5:49 pm

Pups are a very special addition to the any family. They require love, attention, and care. Having or Adopting pups require responsibility, and there are certain requirements in order to do that.

To Adopt a Pup:
~You don't need to have a mate
~You will need to feed and protect your pup. We will still help out when you are busy but we won't do all the work.
~ Teach it Discipline. Pups here rarely survive, and it makes it all that much harder with them constantly playing and not paying attention. Each pup will be taught a simple saying "There is a time and a place. Now is not the time, nor the place" at daytime, the adults are more laid back and allow them to play and explore. Sunset, however, all pups should be next to a trusted adult trying to relax.
~Ask the pup then confirm your decision with the Leaders

To Have Pups:
~ You must have a mate
~ You must "breed" and then conceive
~Pups can be born anytime due to mix of species
~ Unfortunately, due to our current status as a growing pack, females are only allowed to birth and keep 2 pups
~ Pups will be rped by parents until they can talk (usually 2 weeks) and if no role players are found, they will die or disperse at the age of 1 year.
~You can decide your pups looks, personality etc. with your mate, then pm the Leaders a joining form for them before the due date, and they will be advertised on the site and thread until they are 1 week of age.


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