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◯ Survivors of the Disease is a horror-science fiction canine roleplay, based on Carriers, a movie about a very contagious disease. The roleplay on the site will constantly have new events and plots going on to entertain the members, and to keep this pack active. So mainly the members roleplay as a pack of canines, which doesn’t really have a name.
The sites uses an NPC account to keep the roleplay entertaining, with many adventures for the ones who are part of this ‘pack’. On the site members as well are able to post new ideas for the roleplay, or to make the site look better.
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Crushes and Mates

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Crushes and Mates

Post by Makenna on Fri Jul 11, 2014 5:53 pm

Having a crush is simply having feelings for another. You can like more than one person but crushing on someone with a mate can lead to trouble. Your crush does not have to like you back. Crushes are wonderful things and usually lead to mated pairs.

Mates: Becoming mates is a very special and rare thing in this rp. Many wolves are too stuck on survival to even have a crush. But eh, true love is unstoppable. To become mates the two must:
~Have known each other for more than 3 rp days 
~ Asked AND been approved by the Leaders
~ Have not gotten out of a bond for more than 2 months (real time)
~ They must be asked to be mates in rp
~Love each other. A happy couple is a happy pack. Arguing between couples becomes annoying and the bond may be broken up if it continues. 
~Be committed and faithful to their partner. Again, arguing couples are annoying and we don't need useless drama. 


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