Survivors of the Disease
◯ Survivors of the Disease is a horror-science fiction canine roleplay, based on Carriers, a movie about a very contagious disease. The roleplay on the site will constantly have new events and plots going on to entertain the members, and to keep this pack active. So mainly the members roleplay as a pack of canines, which doesn’t really have a name.
The sites uses an NPC account to keep the roleplay entertaining, with many adventures for the ones who are part of this ‘pack’. On the site members as well are able to post new ideas for the roleplay, or to make the site look better.
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Sub Ranks

Post by Makenna on Mon Jul 14, 2014 5:16 pm

*Leader: The leader is the head of survivors. They are the ones who give orders and have a complete mental map of the territory, always knowing the best hide outs and "jackpots". There are usually 2-4 members in this rank of either gender.

*Recruiters: Recruiters are one of the most important ranks in our system. They are the ones who bring in the surviving canines. They know the signs of an infected and the best way to end the transformation. This job comes with responsibility and loyalty, because if you come across a carrier you HAVE to kill them.

*Scavenger: Another name for hunters. Since food is scarce here, these wolves are sent out in pairs to bring back rodents and small mammals. When nothing is left, Scavengers will resort to bringing carcasses, but must be accompanied by a Recruit or Soldier.

*Soldier: The warriors. Soldiers are constantly putting their lives at risk and have the uttermost respect. Many of the Soldiers are already infected, but have been healed by the red lotus. An infected canine can never be infected again, and will always be the deadliest creation on Earth.


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